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5 Essential Tips To Help You Build A Responsive Email List

Before I begin, I would like to let you know that there is a difference between building an email list and building a responsive email list.

Building an email list is relatively easy – All you need to do is to offer an attractive “bait” (it could be a short report, a short audio, or video where you share a tip or two in the niche you are in) in your opt-i...

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Responsive Community Governance and the Role of the Nigerian People

Now that the traditional noise-making jamboree preceding what is regarded as elections in this clime had been concluded, and also after the “re-insult” (results) had been unleashed on us, there is a justified need for us to once again appraise our existence as a people.
It beats all reasonable imaginations to discover that after 48 shameful years of suppo...

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